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ⵣ | Time Vacuum I (2134)
Ceremony | Transpersonal Relics & Quadrophonic Sound

04.06.2021 Vernisage Fjørsk - Trauma Bar und Kino, Berlin (DE)


Sound and Signal Processing in Max/MSP


Custom Electronics, Custom Software, Found Objects, Speakers (4)*, Hypercardioid Microphone (2), Audio Interface, Midi-Controller, Computer


The first iteration of the Time Vacuum series is an experiment of ⵣ that conjuncts the notion of trans-embodied perception (ꆜ) and trans-mediatic alteration. The simulation explores the potential of reproducing the body into a sonic hologram, therefore creating the situation to interact with past structures, a constitution of a hypothetical space, a multiverse. When re-iterating the process, capturing and projecting back layers of body-reproduction simultaneously, in which processed information goes through multiple layers of bandwidth in media resolution, it destabilizes the original source, opening the spectrum of the machine, in which the machine starts to communicate and submerge with subject ⵣ. The recursive altering process creates a conjunction between actual and virtual processes, therefore creates the potential to transcend the materials that happen to be in the space*, transparentizing (⿳) the electromagnetic entropy, the interconnectivity between agencies. By infusing the space with sensitivity, using metaphoric elements, each action as a reaction, inhale exhale, a reference to a cosmological framework the magnetic coils conduct ☯︎.

the work is co-created with the artworks and presence of character Fjørsk.

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