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ⵣ | Membrane Series (2132-2134)
Audiovisual Spatial Performance | Quad- and Octophonic Sound

03.08.2019 Acud Macht Neu, Berlin (DE)
23.12.2018 Golf Festival - Nieuwe Vide, Haarlem (NL)


Sound and Signal Processing in Max/MSP, Serial communication with Arduino,
Light and Motor structure in C/C++


Custom Electronics, Custom Hard- and Software, Custom Designed Kinetic Light Objects, Custom Hang System, Custom Light Bulbs, Arduino’s, DC-Motors, Motor Shields, Audio Interface, Audio Mixer, PA-System, Omnidirectionial Speakers*, Amplifier, Hazer, Computer, Modular Synth*


The ‘Membrane Series’ are performative interventions that through non-linear forms of abstract storytelling become manifested within a multisensory and spatial experience. Starting from the physical dimensions of the space the series explores ways to virtualise and deconstruct the existing dimensions to become transformed into new perceivable spaces. Within these spaces there are objects, placed as characters, changing their identity and behaviour in relation towards the activities happening in their surrounding. These characters exist between the virtual and physical and gain their voice through kinetic movement, sound and light, blended into an entity. Through a written and prepared personal narrative, conceived from a psychoanalytical point of view, the performances are structured into different acts with transitions in between. These acts embody those reflections and projects them, as symbolic representations, into a virtual layer. This layer, or membrane, aims to create a fluidity of the perceived space and an identity of objects that researches new ways of reflection and communication traversing the sonic, visual and tactile.


The first space, or opening space, is a surrounding that presents a state of paradox. Although the materials are completely static there is a constant movement happening in the space. Combining the feeling of heaviness and lightness, hugeness and smallness, destruction and creation all at the same moment, a dense paradoxical construction is manifested within an infinite conceived space: a psychological void.

After this dense paradoxical space, embodying contradictions into an unified projection, the space become split into two spaces: a duality. At one side of the space lightness, smallness and creation comes together (“the good”) and on the other side there is a gathering of heaviness, hugeness and destruction (“the bad”). The existence of these two poles become questioned embodied by the dual activity of the space and their characters.

Because these questions remain unanswered, or even impossible to answer, uncertainty starts to appear. This uncertainty is being taken by projections and interpretations that derives from imagination but undermines the real. Confusions starts to appear, the orientation of the space starts to tilt and the identity of the individual characters are shifting. This structure is an ascending loop that turns into chaos, worries become reality and all connection dissolves: a fragmented space.

The chaos keeps evolving and aims towards complete destruction, however there is a limit and confusion starts to fade into awareness. The fragmented construction evolves into fluidity, the shifting identity of the individual characters starts to connect with each other and its environment. This interconnected state is constituting an awakening, openness for unpredictabilities and the ability to see clear and from above.

ⵣ | ιи.fιиιт · Membrane II
Membrane I - Golf Festival Haarlem (2018)

Shots by Louis Braddock Clarke & Zuzanna Zgierska

ⵣ | ιи.fιиιт · Membrane I