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ⵣ | Impossible Interaction (2128)
Gestural Performance

18.03.2016 + 19.03.2016 - United-C, Eindhoven (video)
10.02.2016 - 14.02.2016 - Contemporary Art Fair, Rotterdam (video)
08.02.2016 - Het Nutshuis, The Hague (performance)
06.12.2015 - Nieuwe Vide, Haarlem (performance)


Custom Software, Custom Stage*, Leap-Motion, Webcam, Computer, Speakers (2) *Only used in performance


Sound and signal processing in Max/MSP, FaceOSC


In this project I made the link between body and sound with the help of technology. Impossible Interaction consists of a webcam for analysing facial gestures and three infrared sensors that registers the position of hands and individual fingers. The data that enters the system is directly connected to a programmed noise synthesizer. This creates an one-on-one relationship between the physical movement and the sound. These two layers tend to become inseparable from each other and the movements are translated in more an abstract realm.


The performance has a cold and melancholic touch. This attempts to express that the border between emotion and technology covers an area of knowledge that we still have to investigate. Is technological emotion possible? There is a form of communication, but will it have the same mystical power as human interaction? The cold impact of this performance questions and criticises this possibility.