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ⵣ | Governors of the Æther (2133)
Radio Broadcast and Performance | Stereo- and Quadrophonic Sound

Radiowaves, energetic forces, continuously in motion, ever shifting and transforming, waves that are implied in our contemporary forms of electronic media, part of our all day communication. Similarly as our visual perception is carried by the waves of light, our thoughts propagated by electrical connections in our brains, electromagnetic waves are all translucent forces that consist of infinite oscillations, attracting and resisting, transmuting into actual, perceivable forms. The entropy of electromagnetism, a collection of energetic forces that goes beyond our spatiotemporal perceptions, is a source of life that animates our worldly existence. However, an unknown realm is from where this entropy departs.

Alchemy, the hermetic practice of natural philosophy and foundation of early physics, discussed about the 5th element of life, the Aether. Besides the classical elements water, earth, air and fire, this element is a form of matter that was believed to fill the universe beyond the terrestrial sphere. This substance of divinity is infused in our world, the immortal soul of all organic creatures, the driving force that animates matter with spiritual essence. A theory of the genesis of this spiritual substance derives from the dynamic interaction between celestial regions and the heavenly bodies.

“Governors of the Æther” is the poiesis and the potential of interconnectedness between planetary bodies and the substance of divinity, the Aether. Questioning its spatiotemporal and poetic qualities through live transmission, it explores the space in-between performer and listener, the Aether of radio, the air of waves, the electromagnetic entropy. In here the airtime is a territory for a cosmic and universal stage traveling through seven radios as the houses, bodies and governors of the play. Transcending the division of spacetime by charging the bodies with recordings of electromagnetism, collecting realtime electromagnetic information that shapes the entropy and translocalizing it over a multiplicity of spaces, the spaces of the listeners.


29.08.2020 OUTSIDEININSIDEOUTINSIDEOUTOUTSDEIN - Torhaus Wehlen, Wehlen (DE) (performance)
10.07.2020 Cashmere Radio, Berlin (DE) | (live broadcast)


Sound processing in Max/MSP


Custom Software, Modified and Infused Radio's, Herbs, Modular Synth, Audio Interface, Speakers (4), Computer

Documentation Performance | Stadt Whelen
ⵣ | ιи.fιиιт · Governors of the Aether II

Material Documentation shots by Menghan Wang

Governor I - Luna
*infused with sage*

Governor II - Mercury
*infused with lavender*

Governor III - Venus
*infused with rose*

Governor IV - Sol
*infused with cayenne*

Governor V - Mars
*infused with distle*

Governor VI - Jupiter
*infused with ginseng*

Governor VII - Saturn
*infused with cannabis*

Documentation Broadcast | Cashmere Radio
shots by Menghan Wang

ⵣ | ιи.fιиιт · Governors of the Aether I