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ⵣ | Glimpulse (2129)
Audiovisual Spatial Performance | Octophonic sound

02.12.2016 + 03.12.2016 ‘Glimpulse’ (performance) - United-C, Eindhoven
08.04.2016 ‘Glimpulse’ (composition) - Zaal 100, Amsterdam
29.03.2016 ‘Glimpulse’ (composition) - ACU, Utrecht


Custom Hard- and Software, Custom Electronics, Incandescent Light Bulbs, Audio Interface, MIDI-Controller*, Speakers *only used at the performance edition


Sound and signal processing in Max/MSP, Serial communication with Arduino,


In this work the interaction between light and sound plays a major role. Also a further connection is important: space as a parameter in the performance. Due to the simultaneous presence of sound and light at varying locations in the room, the attention of the public is constantly shifted. There is a direct link between space (localisation), light and sound. This ensures that the visitor considers these three layers as one thing. This phenomenon is experienced as ‘logical’, but what actually happens is that with technology, through the constellation of the three layers, the illusion of entity emerges. Because of this approach, the viewer considers the work rather sensory than rational. By making the presented very clear, with strong one-to-one relationships, and on the other hand to keep it abstract, in sound for example, a space is created for the individual imagination.


The composition is constructed into three phases. The first phase is about the individual source that has influence on the audience. While slowly the sources start to relate and unify a transformation starts to exist. After this event the relation of the sources towards the audience shits and the audience has influence on the interpre- tation of the source. The concept emerged on my interpretation on our focus in contemporary society.