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Contra Marītō
Time Vacuum I | Time Vacuum II
Resonance and Repetition
Castle 6
Governors of the Æther
Membrane Series
Panoptic Emissions
Open Axis
Cube of Space
Impossible Interaction


| The Divinity of Art and the
Destruction of Classification

| Virtuality and the Superdynamical
| Fluid Space & Trans-Physical


Passage One (Commerce)
Fragile Ecologies
Sensory Shift x FIBER
Disruptive Silence

Sensory Shift X Fiber (2131)
Audiovisual Installation and Performance
Collaboration with Bin Koh

01.12.2018 - FIBER Weekends, OT301, Amsterdam (NL)


Author, Performer - Bin Koh
Author, Sound and System Design - Vito Willems
Product Design - Joost Dankelman


Custom Electronics, Custom Hard- and Software, Custom Mechanics, Custom Designed Kinetic Objects, Custom Hang System, Arduinos, DC-Motors, Motor Shields, Custom LED-Objects, Audio Interface, Audio Mixer, Custom Outfits


Sound and signal processing in Max/MSP, Serial communication with Arduino


In this experimental sound-light performance the deconstruction of the human voice and reconstruction by various algorithmic software processes constitutes a physical light-sound experience. By questioning other forms of communication, and challenging how the paralinguistic quality of human and non-human can be conveyed by the voice, this performance composes a personal narrative transformed into a multisensory performance.

Part of the performance is based on the work Noema, which premiered at Sónar+D in Barcelona earlier this year. Using computational technology as a medium, Noema explored the multidimensionality in which sound can be presented; physical objects, visual appearances and spatial dimensions cohered as a unified form.