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Ceremony | Transpersonal Relics & Pentaphonic Sound

25.09.2021 Amarus #8 - PROGR, Bern (CH)


Sound and Signal Processing in Max/MSP


Custom Electronics, Custom Hard- and Software,
Found Objects, Custom Designed Speakers (5)*,
Modular Engine, Computer


A ceremony conveyed as a bridge towards a post-dual conceptuality (☯︎). Technocratic systems as a glue to interconnect proposed illusions of opposition, the substantialization by magnetic coils, activated feedback mechanisms with the potential to blur the deceptive opposed border. At the threshold of a dualist thinking era, previous systems of belief injected human species with dual structures as heaven and hell, good and evil, right and wrong. Developments in technocraticy, in which the human species consciousness transcend by the awareness of their virtuality (), will open the potential to decode duality into unity.

The use of metaphoric and synchronistic happenings is the foundation of the ceremony, pre-conditions of the psyche tend to mutate along the transformations of proposed material, previously divided, unified during the process. The materials, relics left by passengers, are forged in-between computationally generated energy points, afterwards they become virtually deconstructed, re-constructed by the imaginary. The materials have been wandering through bio-dynamic and cosmological processes, a sum of solar (𐰧) and lunar (☾) energies concentrating on its opposition (⏀). The sculpture unfolds, merging nerves conducting the opposed magnetic fluids, simultaneously, melting together into oneness, the post-dual substratum (𖡨).*