ⵣ | ιи.fιиιт

In whatsoever way, the work has been made from the dark Chaos through the production of light and the concentration of contending poles. The juxtaposition of the opposites, of child and adult, wet and dry, inferior and superior, hot and cold, internal external… displayed in the way the materials are handled and in the gestures used. For they differ from one another only by degree of digestion and maturity. They unite like male and female and act upon each other, and through that action they are mutually transformed into each other. The work was created from the black Chaos, a sincere joke, it ascends to heaven and descends to earth through which interaction it acquires both the penetrating power of spirit and the fixed power of body. We like to use storytelling to draw the viewers attention. My present work stems from a desire to create a personal mythology and express spiritual, utopian and metaphysical ideas. The work is both relatable and undefined, a result of the combination of contemplative and intuitive action. The Fool represents the beginning of the journey. Know nothing, fear nothing. I try to free myself from false preconceptions of art. I try to not pretend to be fully knowledgeable about the parameters within which my work attains significance.

ιи.fιиιт (∞︎︎)

ⵣ is a trans-disciplinary worker living in the year 2134, a Post-Dual Era, that because of the invention of reversible time is able to manifest itself in the 21st century. This character is encoded with a fusion of new age disciplinary fields such as traveler, engineer, forscher, explorer, scientist, inventor, shaman, coder and cosmologist … depended on the program that it runs. The initial idea to send this character back to the year 2022 is to bridge and mediate the futurist theoretical knowledge into the act of manifestation, using presented workshops and tools for the creation of simulations. Besides, an environment where there is a distinct focus and the ability to discuss the futurist transcriptions, sharing practice and knowledge beyond our possession, is relevant towards the proposed developments and research process. The research will be mostly spiralling around the transcendent qualities of space, time and matter with the design of alternative clocks and auto-poietic systems for the creation of any potential of meaning and contingent phenomena. These transformative devices that inhabit natural processes, recursive models destabilized through instances of media resolution, are presented as co-existing mystical frameworks without authorship. Besides that these frameworks are experiential, they have the potential to be mutually altered by the subjects involved. By coating and infusing the existing physical and spatial qualities with a virtual membrane, the computational exoskeleton, a research on transcendentalism, in-between real and virtual, will have a distinct focus within the residence of ⵣ.

Foto by Ursa Prek @ TAC, Eindhoven (NL) - 'Loud Silence' w/ Screening by Emma van der Put.