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_Interference_ (2129)
Audiovisual Spatial Performance | Quad- and Octophonic sound
Collaboration with Jim Brady

25.10.2016 - Popcore Dutch Design Week, Eindhoven
21.08.2016 + 22.08.2016 - Rechtestraat, Eindhoven


Sound and signal processing in Max/MSP, Serial communication with Arduino, Visuals in Resolume


Custom Electronics, Custom Hard- and Software, Beamers, Projection Screens*, Hazer, Incandescent Light Bulbs, LED Bulbs, Router, Computers, Modular Synth, MIDI Controllers, Audio Interface, Audio Mixer, Speakers (4), Speakers (8)* * Only used at the Popcore event


Interference is an audiovisual performance where the coherency and contrast of exchanging data plays a crucial role. From a very static dialogue to a point where the ‘data’ meets and breaks the duality of interference will be exposed.

The performance ‘_Interference_’ was part of an event curated and organised together with Jim Brady. Starting from a conceptual framework we developed a narrative that was exposing the duality of interference. Through a network there was data-communication between me and Brady’s software. With this possibility we were able to play with different techniques that would ‘break and make’ each others way of working. This recursive pattern that emerged through direct communication between sound and visual was accompanied by different forms of media.